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Integrated analysis and
design system for buildings
and general structures

MIDAS Gen is a general-purpose structural analysis and optimal design system. The intuitive user Interface, contemporary computer graphics and powerful solver are some of the highlights of MIDAS Gen. The user-oriented input/output features and a wide range of analysis capabilities enable practicing engineers and researchers to readily perform structural analysis and design for even complex and large structures. MIDAS Gen utilizes the latest multi-frontal solver and analysis algorithms, which instantly generate accurate and practical analysis results. In addition, MIDAS Gen provides design capabilities using various international standards producing optimal design solutions.


Building structures

Office, residential, commercial and multi-use buildings and on/off shore plant structures.

Burj Dubai, UAE

Specialty structures

Stadiums, hangars, power plants, etc.

Beijing olympic stadium, China

Other structures

Ships, aircrafts, transmission towers, cranes, pressure vessels, machine structures, etc.

Incheon INTL airport, Korea


Structures of regular patterns such as Truss, Arch and Frame can be readily created by Structure Wizard and inserted into the desired location on the global model. This permits generating accurate models and performing analyses of many different design alternatives in a short period of time.
  • Beam wizard to auto-generate a number of horizontal beam elements on the same line.
  • Column wizard to auto-generate a number of vertical beam elements along the same line.
  • Arch wizard to auto-generate an arch structure composed of a series of beam elements.
  • Frame wizard to auto-generate a 2-D plane grid frame composed of beam elements in 3-D.
  • Truss wizard to auto-generate a truss structure composed of beam and truss elements (top and bottom chords - beam elements, vertical and diagonal members - truss elements).
  • Plate wizard to auto-generate a rectangular, circular or semicircular plate structure composed of plate elements.
  • Shell wizard to auto-generate a rectangular box, cylindrical, spherical or semi-spherical shell structure composed of plate elements.

& section properties

MIDAS Gen contains the material and section database of ASTM, AISC, CISC, CSA, BS, DIN, EN, UNI, IS, JIS, GB, etc. User-defined material and section data can be also implemented. A total of 37 different section shapes including steel-reinforced concrete composite section shapes can be applied to line elements. MIDAS Gen supplies sectional properties calculator, which is used to calculate the section properties of unconventional section shapes.


MIDAS Gen allows unlimited numbers of nodes and elements in a structural model. Nor does it limit the numbers of load cases and load combinations. It also supports Batch analysis such that a number of structural models can be executed consecutively.
  • Static analysis
    • Linear static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
    • Free vibration analysis
    • Response spectrum analysis
    • Time history analysis
  • Geometric nonlinear analysis
    • P-Delta Analysis
    • Large displacement analysis
  • Material nonlinear analysis
    • Von-Mises, Tresca, Mohr-Coulomb
    & Drucker - Prager
    • Structural masonry analysis
  • Linear buckling analysis
    • Critical buckling load factors
    • Buckling modes
    • Lateral torsional buckling
  • Heat transfer analysis
    • Steady state analysis
    • Time transient analysis
  • Heat of hydration analysis
    • Thermo-elastic Analysis
    • Maturity, creep, shrinkage, pipe cooling
  • Construction Stage analysis
    • Time dependent material (strength, creep/shrinkage)
    • CEB-FIP, ACI, PCA, INDIA, eurocode, etc.
    • Column shortening analysis (elastic/inelastic)
  • Pushover analysis
    • 4 basic (P, V, M & PMM) and generated elasto-plastic hinges
    • FEMA, eurocode, multi-linear type hinge properties
    • RC, steel, SRC, masonry material types
    • Load or displacement control option
    • Generation of demand spectrums and finding performance points/target displ.
    • Safety verification table
  • Boundary nonlinear time history analysis
    • Von-Mises, Tresca, Mohr-Coulomb
    & Drucker - Prager
    • Structural masonry analysis
  • Inelastic time history analysis

    Other analysis

    • Analysis for finding unknown forces by optimization
    • Moving load analysis
    • Settlement analysis


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